Wish List #2: The Marrisa Dress

Remember when Ryan raced to Marissa so she wouldn't be stuck with Oliver for New Year's?  Remember that great dress she had? 

That's being added to my list.  It's a black cut out from Topshop (you were warned).  It's not exactly like Coop's but I think I might like this version even better.  Officially added to the Wish List.



The Wish List: #1

Here's my first entry (be warned there's going to be a lot of Topshop).  I want these boots.  That's pretty much it.  I just really want them.


Holiday Wish Lists

Our favorite time of year is coming up and, like everyone else bored at work, we're fantasizing about things we're never going to get.  So from now until Christmas we're going to post what we would put on our wish lists if our gift-givers' pockets were endless. Yayy for being poor.

We're Totally Already Counting Down

This morning Vogue announced that Fashion Night Out will be returning on September 8th, 2011. We literally stumbled onto this year's FNO after going to the Alexander Berardi show, and it's safe to say we were stumbling even more by the time we left. We knew the night was good when the bartender at TopShop winked at us and said that he likes his drinks strong. SoHo was like a fashion theme park-with endless champagne. But we digress. There's only 281 days left to save up & map out the night. We know we'll be at Zara, where their advice was to "just keep the glass so we can refill" (and to buy the clothes, of course).